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Pennzoil MV ATF

Pennzoil MV ATF (Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid) is a special blend of high-quality mineral base stocks with an advanced additive system for automatic and powershift transmissions.



Benefits of Pennzoil® MV ATF:

This high-quality, advanced technology formulation provides:

  •     Excellent high-temperature oxidation protection
  •     Anti-shudder protection
  •     Outstanding low-temperature protection
  •     Smooth, consistent shifting


Pennzoil® MV ATF is suitable for use in most modern vehicles, and is formulated to provide protection that meets or exceeds the highest quality standards in the industry.



Available Package Types:

  • EcoBoxTM - 6 gal®
  • Case - 12/1 qt
  • Case - 16/1 qt
  • Bulk


Meets the requirements of transmissions requiring DEXRON® -III, MERCON® , MERCON® V and Allison C-4 fluid. In addition, Pennzoil® Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid is a Caterpillar TO-2 lubricant.


Pennzoil® Multi-Vehicle ATF is suitable for use in applications requiring:

    Allison C-4
    Toyota T, T-III, T-IV
    Honda Premium Formula ATF, ATF-Z1 (except in CVTs)
    Mitsubishi/Kia/Hyundai SP, SP-II, SP-III
    Nissan Matic-D
    BMW LA2634, LT71141

Not for use in vehicles requiring Type F, DEXRON® -VI, MERCON® SP, Full Synthetic MERCON® , Nissan Matic K, Toyota/Lexus WS, Mercedes Benz 3403-M115, BMW 1375.4, or Volvo 1161540-8. Also not for use for CVT. Check owner’s manual and/or dipstick for exact specification.

DEXRON® is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation.
MERCON® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.

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