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ENEOS Sustina Synthetic Motor Oil

ENEOS SUSTINA is a full synthetic motor oil made with innovative technology that provides exceptional sludge protection and long-term sustained fuel economy.


Benefits of ENEOS Sustina


  • Superior Cleaning Power - a cleaner, longer lasting engine - utilizes the sulfur-free characteristics of ZP, a proprietary additive chemistry that reduces the formation of sulfuric acid, keeping your engine cleaner and running longer.
  • ZP Technology - Sulfur free additive component - a detergent additive that encapsulates dirt and grime, holding it in suspension away from critical engine parts.
  • Ultimate Fuel Efficiency * -  Sustina utilizes Nippon Oil's own W BASE base oil technology** to maintain an extremely stable oil viscosity over a wide temperature range, allowing SUSTINA to be very fluid at cold temperatures, reducing internal engine drag and improving fuel economy.*



*Proven 2% improvement in fuel efficiency over GF-4 oil of the same viscosity.


**W BASE Technology - Typical synthetic base oil is made up of carbon and hydrogen ring-shaped molecular structures. As these structures move, they tend to collide and intertwine, slowing their movement especially at low temperatures, resulting in very high cold start viscosity.  W BASE technology realigns the carbon and hydrogen structure into a relatively straight line, allowing free movement of the molecules even at low temperatures, providing lower engine drag and improved fuel efficiency.


Available Grades:


  • SAE 0w20
  • SAE 0w50
  • SAE5w30

Available Package Type:


  • Cases -  6/1 Qt


About ENEOS Motor Oil

JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. is an energy resource and mining company contributing to the development of a sustainable economy and society through innovations in energy, resources and materials.


Developing engine oils for over 100 years. ENEOS, their brand name, offers a line of synthetic engine oil and transmission fluid that is created with both performance and eco-friendliness in mind.



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