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PEAK Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

Advanced additive technology in PEAK® Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil, coupled with the use of high-quality base stocks, is the foundation for delivering maximum engine protection.


PEAK Performance Full Synthetic helps protect against:


  • high-temperature deposits that can damage the engine
  • viscosity breakdown
  • sludge and varnish deposit formation on engine part
  • reduces friction and wear at engine start-up in cold weather
  • protects engines in demanding stop and go driving conditions.


Meets or exceeds the latest ILSAC GF-5 and Dexos-1 requirements (5W-30) in the following essential performance categories:


  • Fuel economy
  • Engine wear control at extreme temperatures
  • Emission systems protection
  • Oxidation control
  • Piston cleanliness and engine sludge control


Exceeds North American warranty requirements for U.S., European and Japanese cars and light trucks with gasoline and gasoline turbocharged engines where API SN, SL, SJ or SH are specified, and meets the highest U.S. standards for automotive engine wear protection.



Available Grades

  •    SAE 0W-20
  •    SAE 5W-20
  •    SAE 5W-30
Available Package Type:

  • Case - 12/1 qt



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