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Quaker State Defy™ Motor Oil

Quaker State DefyTM  Motor Oil is a synthetic blend motor oil engineered for higher mileage engines that is formulated with a proprietary additive package designed to fight engine wear.


Boosted zinc anti-wear agents target high temperature and high-wear surfaces where they are needed most, while still being friendly to catalytic converters and other emission control equipment.



How does Quaker State Defy™ motor oil do this?
Defy is formulated with low volatility base oils. This high quality base oil can resist higher temperatures during the combustion cycle, and the optimized additives system combines to help control the oil from burning off and thickening up.


Benefits of Quaker State DefyTM Motor Oil:


  • helps stop up to 98% of future engine wear*
  • contains boosted zinc for extra protection on high-wear surfaces
  • maximizes compression and engine efficiency**
  • helps prevent leaks with active seal recovery**
  • reduces oil burn-off and consumption**


*Based on Sequence IVA wear test.
** Based on independent fleet testing.



Available Grades     

  •    SAE 5W-30
  •    SAE 10W-30
  •    SAE 10W-40
Available Package Types:

  • Bulk
  • Drum - 55 gal
  • Keg - 16 gal
  • EcoBoxTM - 6 gal®
  • Case - 12/1 qt or 3 gal

Please note all grades may not be
available in all package types.

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