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Shell Rotella T Triple Protection® Motor Oil

Diesel engines are a special breed, providing more power and higher torque, but with higher compression ratios. They also produce more soot.  Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection® formulation has seen over 40 million miles of on-highway testing. That means it’s shown outstanding performance even when it’s subjected to high engine and oil temperatures, which causes extra soot and acids to be dumped into the oil.


Benefits of Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection® :


  • Up to 38% lower iron wear in over 40 million miles of on- and off-road testing in late-model engines*
  • Designed to optimize after-treatment service life in systems on 2007-and-newer trucks
  • Up to 22% less iron wear than Shell Rotella® T3 SAE 15W-40
  • Protects diesel particulate filters (DPFs) against buildup of harmful deposits, and provides outstanding viscosity control with exceptional product durability.
  • On average 50%* lower wear in seven key industry tests*
  • By virtue of the improved wear and exceptional cleanliness, helping engines maintain efficient combustion. Minimizing DPF blockage also helps maintain fuel economy, thus further helping control exhaust-gas emissions.
  • 30% increase in active ashless chemistry to protect against deposits and sludge**


*Range of 27%-88%
**Compared to Shell Rotella® T CI-4 PLUS




Available Grade:    

  •    SAE 15W-40
Available Package Types:

  • Bulk
  • Drum - 55 gal
  • EcoBoxTM - 6 gal®
  • Case - 1/3 gal; 12/1 Qt.



Shell Rotella Lubrication Limited Warranty

This warranty is free to all qualifying Class 2c – Class 8 vehicle owners who purchase an eligible Shell Rotella® heavy duty engine oil to change their vehicle’s oil by themselves or when they purchase a Shell Rotella® oil change performed by a professional installer, truck service center, commercial fast oil change facility, or truck dealer and comply with the other program requirements. The warranty covers ten (10) engine parts that are lubricated by heavy duty diesel engine oil, but it does not extend the OEM warranty.


For a vehicle to qualify, it must have 50,000 miles or less when an eligible Shell Rotella® engine oil was first used and whose manufacture date is within the last 24 months of the first use of qualifying Shell Rotella® engine oil.


Two levels of protection are available:

Up to 10 years or 500,000 miles (whichever is first) – If customers exclusively use Shell Rotella® T6 top portfolio level full synthetic engine oil

Up to 10 years or 300,000 miles (whichever is first) – If customers exclusively use other eligible Shell Rotella® engine oil products (i.e. Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection® 15W-40, Shell Rotella® T5 synthetic blend 10W-30, 10W-40 engine oils)


  • Free warranty with purchase and use of Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection®, Shell Rotella® T5 synthetic blend, up to 10 years 300,000 miles (400,000km), or Shell Rotella® T6 full synthetic heavy duty engine oil, up to 10 years-500,000 miles (800,000km), whichever comes first
  • Covers ten (10) heavy duty diesel engine parts for do-it-yourself and installed customer oil changes
  • Transferable up to 75,000 miles
  • Some conditions apply.




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