Inventory Management Systems

Orange Line Oil can help design an inventory management system that is specific to your needs utilizing our experienced sales force, electronic inventory monitoring availability, dedicated keep full route program, and fluid control systems.


Keep Full Program

Our Keep Full Program is custom designed based on your specific location's needs. We work with you to establish needed inventory levels for delivery of products typically every 2 weeks. We can also plan weekly or monthly deliveries based on your usage and capacity.


Electronic Inventory Monitoring

Our Electronic Inventory Monitoring (EIM) systems allow for remote monitoring of specific products or all bulk product tanks. These systems can be scheduled to monitor at specific times throughout the day/week, or can be “pinged” as needed. In addition, the systems can be programmed to send critical data via email to both the customer and Orange Line Oil for immediate action to prevent running out of product during times of heavy demand.


Fluid Control Systems (FCS)

Our expertise in professionally installed Fluid Control Systems (FCS) dates over 20+ years in the control and reporting industry. In fact, Orange Line Oil developed our own system many years ago, when the then current systems from major suppliers did not do what our clients needed them to do (accurate control and reporting of bulk lubricants being dispensed).


Today, Orange Line is pleased to provide FCS solutions across various industries to monitor, control, and report bulk products as part of a customized solution based on your needs. The advancements from partner suppliers like Graco, Samson, and Balcrank provide a wide range of options including:


  • Tank Level Monitoring
  • Wired / Wireless Installation Solutions
  • Individual Meter Control and Authorization
  • Repair Order / Technician / Password Requirement Options
  • Stand-Alone Reporting Systems
  • Integration With DMS (ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds)



For information on our Inventory Management Systems, please call us today at 800-492-6864.

About Orange Line Oil

Orange Line Oil Company is a bulk oil wholesaler and oil distributor serving all of Southern California. We are one of the nation's largest bulk motor oil distributors, also synthetics, specialty lubricants, and a full range of automotive supplies and equipment . We carry a full line of name brand products including Castrol, Peak, Motorcraft, Total, Citgo, ENEOS, Malco, Rain-X, and SM Arnold. We are a full service company dedicated to serving the needs of our valued customers.